jared saying that he is glad that SPN is not a show about romance Ø jared saying that he doesn’t women on the show. he didn’t say anything about not wanting women on the show. the post going around how jared said that he’s glad that spn hasn’t any women on the show is NOT true. idk why this person decided to lie but it’s definitely NOT true. jared only said that he’s glad that SPN is not about romance.


let’s face it - you’re either a dick person or a cock person, and it’s pretty unbearable to read a fanfic with the wrong expletive describing a penis

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“I guess”
- I disagree with you but ill let you have this one because I don’t feel like debating anymore with your simple ass   (via slayr)
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joe trohman with his daughter ruby (x)

Maisie Williams and Rory McCann attend San Diego Comic-Con 2014. [ credit ]



If there’s a “heavens no” and a “hell yes” why isn’t there a “purgatory maybe”



I have to say the Kim k app was an amazing business idea and I feel like it has already done wonders for her brand. Now I see pictures of Kim kardashian and I think “that’s my extremely generous friend Kim she really got my modeling career off the ground”

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